Do You Know The Essay Structure You are Required To Use?
Do You Know The Essay Structure You are Required To Use?

When given the assignment of writing an essay, it is standard for you to ask about the length and word count of the essay.

There are many types of essays which you will have to write when in school. Immigration essays, process analysis essays, personal essays and comparative essays are a few of the essays you will have to write. Which ever type of essay you write, you will have to stick to three key components:

1. The Introduction
2. The Body Paragraphs
3. The Conclusion

The essay introduction should give the reader an idea as to what your essay is about. It should be interesting and it should catch the reader’s attention as this is the first part of the essay which will compel him to continue. Your introduction will have a thesis statement and you will spend the rest of your essay defending or establishing this central point. In order for you to make the beginning interesting it is essential that you know how to write essay introduction. There are many guidelines for this alone and we suggest that you read some of these from either online sources or from an essay hand book. A good introduction will surely benefit your work and make your reader feel impressed and interested.

Body Paragraphs
The body paragraphs are where you will prove your thesis statement. You will do this by the use of sound evidence which you will use to back your theory. Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence which will state the point of your essay and the rest of the sentences in your body paragraphs will support this. When writing your paragraphs it is essential that each paragraph flows from one to the next. The best way to achieve this with your essay is to outline your essay. Don’t forget to keep in mind the essay format requirements when writing the body section. This is because the body paragraphs will have evidence cited from outside sources and you must cite and reference them properly.

The conclusion will bring the essay to its completion. The conclusion will critically and concisely reiterate what was said up to then. Do not introduce new information at this juncture. The reason it is called the conclusion is so that the reader understands that you have said all there is to say on your topic and you have completed your argument.

Writing an essay of any type takes considerable time and effort. Therefore it is important that you draw up an essay plan which will help you to get organized with your essay writing. By applying above guidelines on the structuring of your work, you may find it much easier to write uninterrupted as you know how each section of the essay has to be tackled.

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