Essay Format Example: Guide for a Well Presented Essay
Essay Format Example: Guide for a Well Presented Essay

Refer to Accurate Essay Format Examples for Improving Essay Formatting

There are many elements to an essay which makes it stand out from the rest. Essay format is one such important element. When students are assigned essay writing as part of their school curriculum, it is important for them to be knowledgeable with how to write an essay properly. Writing an essay requires patience, dedication and excellent writing skills. Apart from this, students should know how to structure and format their essays according to the requirements set forth. For many students the ability to write an essay let alone format it is a task which is tedious. Therefore, when assigned essays, they should go through a few examples of well written essays. This will educate them on how to write a good essay as well as how it should be formatted. Following are few reasons why students should review few essay format examples in their writing process.

The Importance of an Essay Format
When essays are assigned for GCSE coursework, A level coursework or for college or university coursework requirements, simply writing it will not suffice. It has to be formatted according to certain specifications. Most often, tutors will prescribe the type of formatting, and this requires the students to have a good understanding of the many different types of formatting available. These include APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago systems. An essay format is important to a formal academic document as it demonstrate the compliance with the professional standards of writing. Such standards are expected from academic scholars once they move on to higher levels of studies in which research and dissertation writing is undertaken. Therefore, this is good practice for students.

The Benefits of an Essay Format Example
There are many benefits of referring to essay format examples. These are mentioned below;

• With an example of essay format students learn how to cite sources and where to place the in-text citations.

• Examples also guide students on how to place quotations depending on their length. For example if it is a short quotation, it is placed within inverted commas but within the same sentence line. But long quotes of more than 3 lines goes in to separate paragraph which is left indented.

• They are able to understand the requirements of a five paragraph essay and how it should be formatted.

• Going through an essay format example will enable them to format their essays more effectively as they will be more informed about the many formatting styles.

• They are familiar with the certain fonts and styles of essay writing. The standard font which is used to write essays is Times Roman in size 10 or 12. However, any font which is easily readable is allowed for writing of essays.

• They are able to understand the specific margins assigned to specific formats. The standard margin requirements are 1 inch margins on all four sides of the paper. However, some formats may differ to this.

• With formatting examples students are able to understand how to present their essay papers in a professional manner.

Where Can Essay Format Examples Be Found?
Many online essay writing services offer essay examples. It is vital however, to ensure that these examples are correct. There are some bogus essay writing services which offer incorrect information. Therefore, before going online and sampling any example essays, students should ensure that the site is reputable. Formats of essay examples can also be found at your local library. Although time consuming, it is beneficial as you know for certain that the example is authentic.

Regardless of which manner you will use an essay format example, it is indeed useful and can help students present their work better. Therefore, next time you are assigned to write an essay, make time to go through one or two format examples before proceeding. Furthermore, if you require any essay help, the professional essay writers at will be able to assist you. The company has a wide portfolio of sample essays for your review and their writing services are reliable and of high quality. They are informed of the many formatting requirements and will ensure that your essay is written according to these specifications.

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