Essay Format is an Essential Consideration in Essay Writing
Essay Format is an Essential Consideration in Essay Writing

Understanding the Requirements of Essay Format Will Enable You to Write Clearly

From the time we started writing essays we have been adhering to certain formats. Whatever essays we choose to write, we have to know the basic essay format we are required to use when writing an essay.

Before we educate ourselves on the formats let us talk about what an essay is. An essay is a short piece of writing which discusses and analyses a topic. This topic will be assigned to us or we will be able to select it. There are many types of essay we will have to write in our academic lives. Health essays, literature essays and personal essays are just to name a few.

There are four common formats which we can use when writing an essay. Listed below are the formats and the requirements:

The MLA Format (Modern Language Association)
This format is the most common. Many essays such as psychology essay will be required to be written according to the MLA format. The text is double spaced and about 250 words can be typed. The writer’s name is written before the page number and the first letter of each word in the title is capitalized. The font style will be Times Roman and the size will be 10 to 12. The references and citations will be done on a separate page.

The APA Format (American Psychological Association)
Although the font size and type is the same as the MLA Format, the similarities will end here. In the APA Format the heading will have only about 2 to 3 words of the title and the page number will appear after five spaces. 1” margins will be assigned to all four sides of the page. The main point is that this format will have four parts. These will be the title page, abstract, body and reference.

Harvard Style
When using this format, all statements and views of other authors should be cited. This is also called the “Author/date” format. The letters “ca” means that the date of a publication is not known, whereby an approximate is given and “n.d” means that there is not date. The font used for this format is the same as MLA and APA.

Chicago Format
This format can be used by any class doing humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. There are three parts to this format. These are; the front matter which will consist of the title page, table of contents, dedication, acknowledgements abstracts etc. The body of the paper where you will write your essay and the back of your paper with the appendix, bibliography, references etc. The essay body should be double spaced while bibliography lists should be single space.

Above is just a fraction of all the information which you should know about elements of essay format and different formatting requirements before beginning your essay. There are many sites which offer essay help to those who are unsure as to how they should go about writing and formatting there essays. Once you get an understanding of what your requirements are you will be able to write an essay and format it correctly without worrying. We invite you to visit our site and browse through sample essays as well as other information on various services provided by the company. You can draw your own judgments of the quality we may deliver based on your web tour.

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