French Essays: Prowess with Foreign Language
French Essays: Prowess with Foreign Language

Writing French Essays Provides New Insights on the Language and Country

Learning new languages is always a new and exciting prospect. It is an advantage for students to learn new languages as it exposes them to different cultures and gives them the ability to converse and write freely when required. It also makes them knowledgeable about the country of origin of the language. One of the most common languages studied by students is the French language. This is due to the fact that it is widely used in many European countries and is the second most popular language in North America. Many other countries in Africa and Asia also speak the language due to the French colonialism in the past. One of the assignments when studying French is essay writing. Writing French essays is a complicated task. To make it easier for students, let us educate you on how to write a French essay.

Key Components to Writing a French Essay
As part of the French coursework students will have to write essays. These essays will improve the students’ abilities to research, read, comprehend and write skillfully in French. However, most students are at a loss as to how to write an essay in French for their GCSE or A Level coursework.

• Selection of a good French essay topic is very important. The topic selected should be interesting to the reader as well as the writer. Certain essay topics can be too broad for discussion and students need to narrow them down to a manageable level. Keep in mind the vocabulary capabilities as some topics will need a wide vocabulary to be written upon which may be beyond the writer.

• A proper essay structure is important to a well written essay. Similar to all other types of essays, your French essay too should have an introduction which informs the reader what the essay is about and body paragraphs which justifies your opinions and provides proof. The conclusion will add closure to the essay. It should be kept in mind that no new information should be provided at this stage of the essay.

How to Write French Essays
These essays can be written in various types. The student can write a comparison essay, and compare anther language and the French language. Students can also write informative essays where they will inform the reader about many different aspects of the language or culture. They might even be able to write about the beautiful architecture or the many famous people such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Edgar Degas etc in a descriptive essay. Whichever type of essay written, doing so will improve the overall skills in the language.

French Essay Topics
• The French language and why you want to study it.
• Examining the history of the French language.
• The French Revolution.
• Fashion and Trends of the French.
• The Famous Painter Renoir and his contribution to the world or art.

While above topics are concerned with what is French itself, there is no such restrictions. You may be called upon to write a narrative essay on your holiday or an unforgettable day of your life. Otherwise you may be asked to write an argumentative essay on animal rights. Likely topics are endless and must be chosen in line with each writer’s writing capacity and level.

Writing French essays requires a good knowledge about the subject. Apart from this you must use your language skills and writing skills including knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and writing style.

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