How to Address Persuasive Essay Prompts
How to Address Persuasive Essay Prompts

Persuasive Essay Prompts Should Be Considered Carefully When Being Written Upon

Many types of essays are within the essay portfolio to be mastered by high school and college students. These essays are written to sharpen various essay writing skills as well as the versatility in student’s writing. The types of essays which students are required to write will range from analysis essays to reflective essays. Whichever type of essay students will write it is important for them to write clearly and concisely. A persuasive essay is one such essay which needs the student’s attention. When assigned to write essays most tutors offer persuasive essay prompts that can guide the student on topic ideas. Let us find out what some of these prompts are and how to write an essay according to them.

What is a persuasive essay?
The power of persuasion is taught to us at a young age. To be able to persuade someone about something, using logic and reason is a skill. Writing persuasive essays also make use of the same skill. Therefore, practicing it for your argument essay, students will have to reason out that the point of view proposed by the writer is better than the other options involved. The writer should use sound evidence and facts to persuade the reader that his point of view on the subject is far more logical and justifiable. This can be done by quoting experts and using examples as well.

What are persuasive essay prompts?
A prompt is to supply words or phrases for easy understanding of what is expected from the essay. Therefore, writing an essay using a persuasive essay prompt is easier than writing essays where only the essay topics are provided. Essay prompts are helpful to students to get their ideas flowing. Below are some prompts for your consideration.

Persuasive Essay Prompts

• There is litter all over the school grounds. It makes the grounds look very unclean. Create a letter which tries to persuade students to stop littering.

• Persuade the School Board that all class rooms should have personal computers.

• Eating fast foods is bad for your health. Convince your younger siblings on the benefits of eating a healthy diet.

• Convince your drama teacher that you are the ideal candidate to act the leading role in the upcoming play.

• Persuade your class mate that using a calculator does not help him academically.

• Your school has decided that for a short period of time, homework during the weekend is unnecessary. Write a letter to the school board informing them that this should be changed or that it should be a permanent rule.

• Think of an item which you would wear and write an advertisement persuading others that this is the right item for them.

When writing the essays according to the persuasive essay prompts the students should understand the requirements well and gear their argument towards it. If the essay writers do not understand exactly what is required of them they stand to lose their marks on the essay. Therefore, be vigilant of the requirements and tailor your writing towards meeting these requirements.

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