Romeo and Juliet Essay: A Common Literature Assignment
Romeo and Juliet Essay: A Common Literature Assignment

A Good Romeo and Juliet Essay is Dependent on Writers Knowledge of the Play

Some students in high school look forward to reading Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare in their literature class. But some find it hard and difficult to understand the Shakespearean writing. But for those who like it, the story sparks their interest for two reasons. It is a love story and it is tragic. Writing a Romeo and Juliet essay requires students to be knowledgeable about the play. This is an essay writing assignment which although less challenging compared to other literature assignments still requires effort. Before we begin discussing on how to write this essay, for those who are not conversant with this play, below is a brief overview.

Romeo and Juliet – The Play
The Montagues and the Capulets are two feuding families. Lord Montague has a son named Romeo and the Caputlets have a daughter named Juliet. A chance encounter with Juliet makes Romeo fall in love with her. With the help of a priest who wishes for the two families to reconcile the two star crossed lovers marry. However due to circumstances that are beyond their powers, Juliet is ordered to marry Paris. Juliet however, refuses and in return her mother rejects her. Juliet in turn seeks the help of the priest who married Romeo and her and concocts a plan which will bring Romeo to her and stop her from marrying Paris. The priest persuades Juliet to drink a potion which will put her to sleep. But to others she seems to be dead. She is found before the wedding ceremony and put in the crypt. Romeo upon discovering the love of his life dead, drinks poison and dies in Juliet’s arms. Juliet upon awakening sees Romeo dead and drinks the rest of the poison and kills herself as well. So the story of the two young lovers comes to a tragic end.

Romeo and Juliet –The Essay
This type of assignment is given to students doing their GCSE coursework. It is important that the student has a good understanding of the play and the characters in order to write a good essay. There are many ways in which a Romeo and Juliet essay can be written on.

• Comparison essay – Students can compare the play or stage production as it should be referred to in the essay, to modern day romance. They can also compare it to other plays by William Shakespeare and write any similarities or differences.

• Narrative essay – As the narrative essay is written like a story and this is about a story of two lovers, using this approach will not be challenging.

• Opinion essay – This type of essay has many reasons for opinions. You can write an opinion essay and offer your point of view on characters, story or even the language or costumes used.

• Descriptive essay – if using the descriptive essay method students will have to select a person or scenery or even the clothing in that era. It can also be a description of each character in the play.

There will be many questions which need to be answered when writing Romeo and Juliet essay. A useful essay tip to note is that having a good knowledge to answer questions such as where the story takes place, in what era, and how the characters represent the Elizabethan era society will make your essay a comprehensive and well written essay. Being prepared is of ultimate importance when writing any essay regardless of type. Therefore, reading the play as many times as possible will be beneficial to you. Quoting interesting sections from the play to reiterate and support your own writing is recommended.

Writing this play should not be a challenge to students, however if you require any essay help, will be able to help you. They will write an excellent essay which will impress the whole class and your literature teacher as well. What’s more, you can use it as a benchmark to base your future essay writing as well.

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