Selecting Effective College Application Essay Topics
Selecting Effective College Application Essay Topics

College Application Essay Topics Should Allow to Highlight Strengths of Applicant

Applying to good colleges is done by students even before they are given their high school diploma. Many students apply to many colleges at a time in the hope of gaining entrance in to a good college. They spend many hours trying to perfect their college application essay writing skills so that the admission board is impressed with it and will select the student. The selected college application essay topics will be effective if they allow highlighting the applicant’s strengths and portraying their characteristics in good light.

What is a college application essay?
College application essays also known as college admission essays and are written by students when they apply for admission in to college. The purpose of the college application essay is for the selection board to know the students better on a personal level. This must be done by being unique and demonstrating proper writing skills and writing the essay logically and coherently. The content should highlight your own strengths and skills. It should talk about why you chose to study your selected field of higher education. The essay must also tell your life goals and inspirations. All the essay writing skills practiced for your GCSE and A level coursework can be put to use when writing this essay. A college application essay that is poorly executed will not receive the response that the student is hoping for. Therefore, it is important to plan the essay before writing.

Selecting a college application essay topic
Knowing how to select the most effective college essay topic will benefit the students when they go on to write their college acceptance essays. It must be kept in mind that the essay topic which you select reflects you as a person. Your ideas and thoughts on certain topics and how you execute these ideas will show the selection board what type of person you are. Therefore, select wisely.

Some Sample College Application Essay Topics
Each of the college application essay topics assigned to students will vary according to the different colleges. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for any questions that might arise. Here are some essay topics for your consideration.

• Describe and event or a person that made a significant impact on you and how it changed your outlook on life.
• Are you happy with the type of person you have become?
• What are your plans after college, and how will you use your college degree?
• Why do you want to spend 3 to 4 years in college?
• Describe the most difficult time in your life and what you did to overcome it.
• How would people describe you as a person?
• Describe a person who has impacted you greatly and how he or she did it.
• If you were asked to conduct research on something, what would you select and how would you do it?
• Describe an achievement in your life and how you made this achievement.

The selection of college application essay topics should be done carefully. If an inappropriate topic is selected, you stand to lose the chance of impressing the selectors. Therefore, make sure to select a topic that allows you to optimize this opportunity to highlight your strengths and skills.

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