Selecting the Perfect Essay Topic
Selecting the Perfect Essay Topic

Selection of Essay Topics Will Be Easy If Certain Criteria are Applied

There are a few key elements needing consideration when you are to write an essay. These include the format of the essay, the structure in which it is written and the essay topics upon which the essays are based on. By paying attention to these elements, your essay writing will be more effective and your writing will be more interesting to the reader. Let us explore the process of topic selection and few criteria which should be applied in evaluating your topic options.

• Importance of a Good Topic
Topics are important for essays because it is the basis of your essay. Without a good topic it is a difficult task to write an effective essay. This is because even if you have applied all the technical rules in to your writing, if you topic is not interesting, relevant or suitable, then you will not be writing a good essay. Most tutors assign topics for the students. Some don’t. They may request you to write various types of essays such as a personal essay, a narrative essay, process analysis essay etc. and leave the selection of the topic to you. In such a scenario, you should know how to choose a topic which will set your essay apart from the rest.

• If the Topic is Provided
Before we go on to selecting a topic, let us take a minute to understand what the procedure is if we are assigned the topic. If your topic is an overview such as “the United States Economy”, you have nothing else to think about except that. But if you are assigned a topic such as “world economy” then you should find avenues to create sub topics. This is a general topic and will be too broad for you to write upon. Therefore, you can identify an essay topic within World economy as: “Role of Emerging Economies within today’s World Economy”. This allows you to concentrate on a narrower subject area while positioning it within a broader context.

• Topic Selection Tips
First tip is that you should select a topic you are familiar with and interested in. If you are familiar with art around the world, you should consider “art in France”. You will be able to write a comparison essay, where you can compare the different types of art. Or you can write a descriptive essay and describe certain pieces of art and there similarities and differences. Listing out all you topic ideas will help you to choose the one which has most merit in terms of its familiarity and interest factor. If you are still uncertain about what your topic should be, question the list.

1. Which of the topic option do you think is more appealing to your reader?
2. Will you be able to provide valuable information within the topic scope?
3. What sort of topic ideas makes interesting reading for the target audience?
4. Is the prescribed essay type and the selected topic compatible? For instance, it is hard to write a process analysis essay on “an unforgettable day in my life” or “animals have rights too.” Similarly, a topic appropriate for an argumentative essay may not be good for a description essay.
5. Can you manage the scope of the topic within the word limit? Some topics need depth of assessment and needs lengthy writing while other topics are perfect for a short essay.
6. DO you have access to enough material that can be used as evidence in your essay? Some essays don’t call for much evidence but if it is an illustration essay, an argumentative essay, informative essay or an analytical essay, you need plenty of material to be cited within your essay.

Coming up with a good essay topic sometimes tax your mind and time too. But by applying above mentioned criteria in to the selection process you may find that application of proper selection technique in fact yields a good topic. Then you can truly enjoy the freedom of writing  on a topic of your own choice. However, if you need some inspiration, visit and browse through some of the sample essays and see how their professional writers have come up with interesting and informative essay topics for their writing. The company also provides a host of writing assistance services including essay writing, coursework handling or dissertation assistance.

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