Writing A Critical Essay Should be Done in an Objective Manner
Writing A Critical Essay Should be Done in an Objective Manner

Critical Essays Can be Written on Absolutely Any Subject Matter that Can be Evaluated Objectively

When writing a Critical Essay it is important to remember that what you are writing should not be the negative aspect of a subject, but a coherent, objective analysis of a subject which will include the positive as well as the negative aspects. This type of essay can be written about a work of literature, art, a movie a painting or any other object or subject that you wish to critically evaluate. What is required of you is to evaluate critically the strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages as well as discuss critically all aspects related to the subject. As the essay writer your opinion on it is also offered but supported with quotations, examples and references from the original subject.

There are different types of critical essays. One such type is the literary criticism. With this type you will write an essay on any text such as poetry, drama, novels and authors etc. Writing this type requires you to have a thorough understanding of the said text. Another type is the social issues. These can be anything from politics to education. Economic issues, will include strength and weaknesses of certain policies, strategies etc.

How to write one
All essays have a common essay structure which is an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. State what you will be writing in the introduction, support it with evidence in the body paragraphs and conclude it in memorable fashion. In the case of this essay, the conclusion will restate the major point of evaluation.

Topic Selection
In order to make it easier for you to write your essay you should concentrate only on a single aspect of a certain subject as this type of essays requires solid evidence to back each point. For example, if you are writing about a literature novel such as “Little Women”, you can write about the language used in the novel. Taking on every aspect of the novel will be too much for you to complete in an essay, especially if you have a word limit to adhere to. Below are a few essay topics for consideration when writing your essay.

1. The critical analysis of “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare.
2. Laws legalizing abortion.
3. President Obama’s policies.
4. Racism within Education System
5. Hybrid Cars

The main elements when writing your critical essay is to understand what is required, understand the subject, analyze and present it in a manner which is logical and cohesive without being too negative. If your essay is on other people’s work, care should be taken to write objectively and keep the evaluation balanced without letting any bias creep in to your writing.

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